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Krasimir Krastanov

Fully automated garages increase parking by 100%. The parking concept for automated parking garages scores with its sophisticated e-mobility focus, complete C02 neutrality, easy maintenance and fast construction phase. The car parking environment is changing and as ‘smart cities’ become a reality, customers are demanding an integrated, mobile and intelligent parking experience. Like a multi-story parking garage, Automated parking systems (APS) provides parking for cars on multiple levels stacked vertically to maximize the number of parking spaces while minimizing land usage. The concept for the automated parking system was and is driven by two factors: a need for parking spaces and a scarcity of available land.

Problems with automated parking garages have three reasons: 1) Technical and 2) Bad planning 3) Parking customers

Most problems with automated parking garages are not of technical nature. Architects can be blinded by the large number of cars on very limited space and decide to use mechanical parking system, though they are not suitable for their specific application. Manufacturers are sometimes happy to make a sale, even though they should consult their customers better. So the main reason for dissatisfied customers is the result of bad planning.

Mechanical car parks are a solution for applications with a relatively balanced throughput, like shopping malls, train stations, etc. Most can handle peaks during the rush hour in the morning and evening quite well, but they are not recommended for high peak hour volume. Therefore, if one installs a mechanical car park at a movie theater or stadium, trouble is pre-programmed. One big peak in the morning and another one in the evening without much in between are not suitable for automated parking.

The effective decision in Bulgaria will be Multi-storey parking and automated facilities as an alternative to underground parking facilities, clearly visible multi-storey parking facilities or automated facilities at street level with clear indications of the services available may in some cases be preferable. Currently, bicycles are gathering attention as a cutting-edge means of transportation in terms of ecology, CO2 reduction, clean energy, and healthy lifestyles.

The paper presents some opportunities and solutions for the implementation of parking systems for cars and bicycles. These innovative parking solutions and wide application of regulatory cities are approved.

паркинг-гаража паркиране автоматизиран многоетажен информационно-управляваща система трафик транспортни потоци велосипедни паркинги.parking-garages parking automated multi - story information and control system traffic transport flowsKrasimir Krastanov


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