Scientific paper ID 2463 : 2024/2

Kremena Marinova

Historically, bridge constructions were originally built to overcome various water obstacles (ravines, rivers) and valleys.

In modern conditions, they are present as part of the transport infrastructure in solving town planning or territorial problems. The growth and modernization of the transport systems of cities leads to a significant increase in the volume of construction of bridges and transport intersections at various levels. Through them, high-speed and continuous movement of vehicles is ensured. The design and construction of bridge facilities in urban conditions sets a number of ments:

 ensuring transport and safe traffic,

 carrying capacity and safety of the structure,

 durability of the construction,

 combination with the adjacent infrastructure,

 compliance with normative environmental ments, etc.

Often times, the construction of this type of transport facilities has limited deadlines. Bridges are complex, responsible and expensive facilities.

мостови конструкции конзолно изграждане тактово изтласкванеbridge structures cantilever construction stroke ejectionKremena Marinova


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