Scientific paper ID 2354 : 2023/4

Pavlo Ggrishtenko, Martin Zlatkov

The electricity needed to move an electric vehicle is stored in a battery. It is one of the main elements of an electric car. When energy is depleted, it needs to be restored. Charging is carried out from the electrical network with the help of electrical equipment called - charging stations.

The report examines several different models of charging stations that can charge different brands of electric vehicles. The different types of couplings that are used to charge the different brands of electric vehicles are shown in tabular form.

The basic conditions for charging an electric car at home are described.

Basic information about a ”TESLA” home charging station is given.

Basic information about the ”Orbis VIARIS UNI” home charging station is given.

Basic information is given about a charging station for public use ”ECOFACTOR”, which has the possibility to value the electricity used to charge an electric vehicle.

Basic information about ”type 2” charging cable, wiring diagram and principle of operation is given

Зарядна станция електромобил източник на електрическа енергия електродвигател заряден кабел заряден куплунг заряден процес заряд-разряд електрическо превозно средство.Charging station electric car source of electrical energy electric motor chPavlo Ggrishtenko Martin Zlatkov




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