Scientific paper ID 2288 : 2022/3

Irina Asenova, Hristina Spiridonova

In the case of the synthesis of electrical filters, strict ments shall be imposed on both their frequency and time characteristics and the tolerances from the nominal values of the parameters of the elements. This problem is solved by the methods of the theory of sensitivity of electrical circuits. In its view, the calculation of the multiparametric sensitivity of the transmission function s finding its derivatives. Determining the sensitivity of circuit functions is a task the resolution of which is essential in the synthesis of electrical and electronic devices of different types and purposes. Finding this indicator is particularly necessary in the design of frequency selective devices, since they the accuracy of reproduction of their frequency characteristics too high. Sensitivity theory is a universal tool for solving a number of tasks related to the analysis and diagnosis of circuits. Sensitivity functions are used as a criterion for comparing different frequency-selective circuit configurations and are one of the most important indicators in their analysis. In the paper the multiparameter sensitivity analysis of the T-shaped filter is obtained in symbolic form. The sensitivity dependency of the transmission function on frequency was investigated and the relevant characteristic was built using the Mathcad programming product.

анализ на чувствителността модифициран граф на Coates предавателни функции T – филтърsensitivity analysis modified Coates flow graph transfer functions T-filter Irina Asenova Hristina Spiridonova


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