Scientific paper ID 2273 : 2022/3

Martina Tomcheva, Ivan Petrov

The energy losses in low voltage networks in ”Balkankeramik” JSC were investigated. The study aims to establish the level of losses in the network and transformer machinery. The current state of energy consumption in buildings, energy characteristics and their compliance with the scale of energy consumption classes are certified by a certificate issued by an accredited organization.

The electric power transmitted through the electric networks is an output parameter for the sizing of the power lines, for the selection of the power transformers in the substations, of the protective, regulating and compensating devices, and also for the evaluation of the mode indicators - power and electric energy losses, deviations and fluctuations of voltage and frequency.

The electrical loads in the networks during the mode of operation of the consumers of electric energy, which change constantly over time, were studied, which is why they cannot be characterized by one or several indicators. The load schedules of low-voltage electrical loads have been determined, based on which the losses in low-voltage cables have been determined. Measures are given to reduce losses in low voltage cables.

загуби в кабели ниско напрежение товарови диаграми на потреблението „Балканкерамик“ АДlosses in low-voltage cables load diagrams of consumption „Balkankeramik“ JSCMartina Tomcheva Ivan Petrov


[1] Bakalov Z., H. Bogdanov, G. Dimitrov, A. Hristova. Elektricheski mrezhi i sistemi. VTU „Todor Kableshkov”, Sofiya, 2008 g.
( [1] Бакалов З., Х. Богданов, Г. Димитров, А. Христова. Електрически мрежи и системи. ВТУ „Тодор Каблешков”, София, 2008 г. )

[2] Normativni dokumenti na ERP.
( [2] Нормативни документи на ЕРП. )





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