Scientific paper ID 2259 : 2022/3

Irena Bozhichkova, Petko Kostadinov, Martin Zlatkov

As is known, an advanced country necessarily has a well-developed and functioning economy. It is natural that the industrial sector needs flexible, fast, cheap, safe, independent and environmentally friendly transport. Electrified railway transport meets these conditions to the greatest extent. A well-developed and electrified railway system is available in Bulgaria.

The transportation of goods to and from destinations without railway infrastructure is carried out by land freight transport combining many disadvantages such as high specific energy consumption, high degree of air pollution, high share of transport accidents, etc. This necessitates the introduction of intermodality in transport. The team of this report presents the experience of other countries for the development of combined transport, avoiding the inefficient unloading and loading of goods from one type of transport to another. This leads to a more efficient use of the railway and a multiple reduction of the amount of greenhouse gases generated by the transport sector.

In the report, the main ways to achieve highly efficient intermodal transport are presented.

The team of this report presents an idea for further increasing the efficiency of RoLa type transports by introducing additional technical means.

The opinion of the European Rail Freight Association (ERFA) is given. Advantages and disadvantages of this type of transportation are described in detail.

Електрифициран железопътен сухопътен товарен транспорт RoLa зареждане електромобил електрически камион хибрид хибриден камион контактна мрежа железница интермодален.Electrified Rail Land Freight Transport RoLa Charging Electric VehiclIrena Bozhichkova Petko Kostadinov Martin Zlatkov









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