Scientific paper ID 2257 : 2022/3

Georgi Dimitrov

One of the strategic priorities of the European Union is the reduction of harmful emissions emitted into the atmosphere and improvement of air quality in the cities with many thousands of population. As part of the EU`s overall program to achieve sustainable results in this direction, there is also the increasing use of electric vehicles for movement in these cities, including those for public urban transport.

The paper presents the results of a study conducted on the structure of electricity consumption of Solaris Trollino III 12 Škoda trolleybuses, operated by ”Trolleybus transport” EOOD – Pleven city, Bulgaria. The electrical energy measurements were carried out in real operating conditions, separately for the main energy consumers in the trolleybuses, in order to analyze in more detail their effects on the total energy consumption. The obtained data on the electricity consumption of the individual groups of consumers have been analytically processed for the purposes of the study. The results are presented in the form of tables and graphs. An analysis of the structure of electricity consumption of the studied trolleybuses was carried out and specific conclusions were formulated.

Градски електрически транспорт Тролейбуси Solaris Trollino Структура на електропотребление.Urban electric transport Trolleybuses model Solaris Trollino Structure of electricity consumption.Georgi Dimitrov


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