Scientific paper ID 2250 : 2022/3

Dimitar Kaloshev, Mira Zafirova

Prefab reinforced concrete structures are distinguished by: shortening the execution time by executing the elements in a factory or by pre-manufacturing the elements before the assembly takes place. In this way, the time for their production is optimized compared to the monolithic implementation, optimization of the weight and carrying capacity of the elements in relation to their section, ability to cover large openings, which is why they are often used in industrial construction.

Precast concrete elements are usually executed in reinforced concrete plants, with the finished elements transported from the plant to the site. Their transportation is often difficult due to the following technical problems: their non-standard dimensions and weight of the elements, lack of built infrastructure near the objects. The creation of temporary infrastructure increases additional costs, and sometimes its implementation is impossible.

This, combined with the limited number of factories performing precast reinforced concrete elements, leads to a significant delay in the execution of both the individual construction and assembly works of the site, as well as the entire site.

The purpose of the development is to analyze the solution for the implementation of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements on site. The choice of the solution is dictated by the geographical features of the terrain where the prefabricated elements will be installed and by the inability of the prefabricated element factories to fulfill the order in the specific period.

оптимизация сглобяеми стоманобетонни елементи географските особености на терена optimization precast reinforced concrete elements the geographical features of the terrainDimitar Kaloshev Mira Zafirova


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