Scientific paper ID 2166 : 2021/4

Ivan Ganchev

Technical supervision has always played a key role in the gas industry. It is logical together with the active change of technologies and equipment in the sector, which s change, as security is and remains of paramount importance. In order to be able to make the right decision about the modernization of the technology for technical supervision and the philosophy for shaping the legal framework for it, it is necessary to make an accurate analysis of the problem, taking into account all the details of the existing reality.

The individual elements, units and equipment (assets) of industrial gas installations are often located in places or in areas remote from the final consumer of natural gas. Thus, they face threats posed by extreme physical and atmospheric conditions to those caused by social and political unrest. In these cases, risk management is an extremely important task.

The scientific report presents a new system for performing technical surveillance of industrial gas installations. The block diagram and the principle of operation of this innovative system are shown. An assessment of the applicability and opportunities for increasing safety and impartiality in the performed technical surveillance activities has been made.

Индустриални газови инсталации промишлени газови инсталации за природен газ технически надзор Наредба за устройството и безопасната експлоатация на газопроводи за пренос и разпределение и на оборудване инсталации и уреди за природен газIndustrial gasIvan Ganchev


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