Scientific paper ID 2139 : 2021/3

Nikolay Pavlov1, Vasil Dimitrov2

This paper examines the different layouts of the electric passenger car powertrains. Differences with conventional cars powered by internal combustion engines and using the same drive schemes are highlighted. The features, advantages and disadvantages of driving the wheels only on the front or only on the rear axle, as well as the drive of the wheels on both axles are considered. Attention is also paid to the perspective individual drive of the wheels by means of separate motor-wheels. Both the design features of the various drive layouts and their influence on the performances of electric vehicles are considered. The powertrain layout affects both the ability to accelerate and overcome the maximum incline when climbing the electric vehicle, and the efficiency of regenerative braking in intensive braking with a large braking deceleration. In addition, different powertrain layouts achieve different traction characteristics of the electric vehicle, and when using individual wheel drive, the profile passability can be improved due to the lack of the mechanical differential under the floor of the electric vehicle. The powertrain configuration also affects the possibility of emplacing the luggage space in the body of the electric vehicle and the trunk volume. Examples of the use of each type of powertrain by the world`s manufacturers are given.

електромобил задвижване динамика спиранеelectric vehicle powertrain dynamics brakingNikolay Pavlov Vasil Dimitrov


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