Scientific paper ID 2119 : 2021/3

Svetoslav G. Nikolov

In this paper, the dynamic behavior of a 3D autonomous dissipative

nonlinear system of Hopf-Langford type is investigated qualitatively and numerically. It is

shown that the 3D nonlinear system can be separated of two coupled subsystems in the master

(drive)-slave (response) synchronization type if the system’s energy is d. Based on the

computing first Lyapunov value for master system, we have attempted to give a general

framework (from bifurcation theory point of view) for understanding the structural stability

and bifurcation behavior of original system. The effect of synchronization on the dynamic

behavior of original system is also studied by numerical simulations.

анализ синхронизация нелинейна динамика система на Hopf-Langfordanalysis synchronization nonlinear dynamics Hopf-Langford systemSvetoslav G. Nikolov


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