Scientific paper ID 2052 : 2020/3

Adi Koruni, Ivaylo Topalov, Borislav Boyadjiev

Report describes the current state of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS), focusing on the concept, challenges, type of implementation, benefits and opportunities, development process, basic principles and protection of trains protected by ERTMS Hybrid Level 3.

The study points out the advantages of ERTMS hybrid level 3 such as: Better traffic capacity, reduced costs, improved flexibility and increased reliability compared to ERTMS level 2. Special attention is paid to ETCS Level 3 moving block, as one of the next generations of railway signaling systems, which are currently being tested, promising better cost and reliability indicators.

The challenges and types of implementations of ETCS level 3 are indicated, the advantages of the movement or management of a train with a fixed block are discussed. The scenario of the moving block was tracked to show the ments for transmission delay. The benefits and possibilities of using hybrid level 3 are briefly discussed to explain the safety issues in the section condition diagram and the necessary protection measures against not reporting position and condition trains.

ERTMS Hybrid Level 3 ETCS GSM-RERTMS Hybrid Level 3 ETCS GSM-RAdi Koruni Ivaylo Topalov Borislav Boyadjiev









[8] 406686.postprint.pdf




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