Scientific paper ID 2034 : 2020/3

Martin Zlatkov, Lyubomir Sekulov, Petko Kostadinov,

With the advent of photovoltaic panels, came the need for inverters to convert the energy produced with the necessary parameters for power consumers. Until recently, solar inverters were distinguished between two main groups - island power supplies for groups of consumers with limited power and network inverters on the principle of many units in large solar parks operating in sync with large energy networks and supplying energy to them. The gradual saturation of the market with solar modules (new and used) has caused a significant reduction in their price. On the other hand, the constant increase in the price of electricity has made it possible for the operation of small photovoltaic power plants to become sufficiently profitable to provide power to private homes and small businesses.

Power supply to a group of consumers on an island basis is associated with a lot of overspending - installed capacity of the system, and the operation of the grid needs to be coordinated with the electricity supplier, which is an additional obstacle to building small solar systems. There is a need for so-called ”smart system” systems that meet the needs of certain groups of users. Some manufacturers quickly orientated themselves and began to add to their products more and more features and capabilities for remote control and monitoring.

The report examines the parameters and capabilities of several models of the most common inverters, and is classified according to the voltage of the string, which determines the place of its connection in its power circuit.

Мрежов инвертор соларен инвертор хибриден инвертор фотоволтаични панели соларни панели стринг стринг-инвертор онгрит офгрит грит-тай ю-пии-ес МППТ тракер пълна синусоида модифицирана синусоида соларен контролер.Grid inverter solar inverteMartin Zlatkov Lyubomir Sekulov Petko Kostadinov











[10] Instruktsiya za eksploatatsiya na SMV III 5kW – 5kW
( [10] Инструкция за експлоатация на SMV III 5kW – 5kW )




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