Scientific paper ID 1970 : 2020/3

Orlin Kolev

Mass privatization is a process of large-scale transformation of state capital into private equity. Historically, this process is socially fair, in view of the fact that state-owned enterprises are built and developed over time by the population and in the transition from a planned economy to a market economy, respectively, the ownership should move from a centralized state to a private one. property.

The first stage of mass privatization involves specifically licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission / currently the Financial Supervision Commission / 81 privatization funds and individual investors - citizens. In total, in the first wave of mass privatization, approximately 84.8 million shares of 1,050 state-owned enterprises are offered at the three auction sessions, of which privatization funds acquire approximately 60 million shares and individual private investors acquire just over 9 million shares.

The purpose of this article is to review and analyze the change of ownership of a particular state-owned enterprise, namely Freight Transport - 91 JSCo - Vidin, by systemizing and eliminating the participants and the gradual transformation of capital during the three auction sessions. The company Freight Transport - 91 JSCo is part of the portfolio of National Privatization Fund Transport JSCo / presently Bulgarian Transport Holding JSCo - Plovdiv /.

Масова приватизация инвестиционни бонове раздържавяване приватизационни фондовеMass privatization investment vouchers privatization privatization fundsOrlin Kolev


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