Scientific paper ID 1968 : 2020/3

Dimitar Atanasov Kaloshev

The execution of construction projects faces problems that are not typical for other industries, having to deal with problems such as long length of the investment cycle, significant financial resources, individual conditions of each construction project.

By developing resource schedules (diagram of manpower, schedule of the construction mechanization, schedule of the used construction materials, diagram of the capital investments) the dynamics in the course of the project implementation is monitored, both of the used labor, necessary mechanization, and of the financial means.

Due to the specifics of each construction project and the need for coordination of participants in the construction process, calendar schedules help to avoid various risk situations (untimely delivery, lack of coordination, financial deficit), minimize them and eliminate them in a timely manner.

The developed report analyzes the importance of calendar schedules as a key factor in the implementation of infrastructure projects, determining the dependence and sequence of construction activities, their quantitative volume and the necessary labor and financial resources for each stage of project implementation and are a key attribute for project management.

графици строителни графици управление на проекти строителни проектиschedules construction schedules project management construction projectsDimitar Atanasov Kaloshev


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