Scientific paper ID 1895 : 2019/3

Petar Ivanov

Pulse voltage circuits convert the voltage to a large extent, which is sometimes referred to as ”DC voltage transformers”. Their more common definition is DC / DC converters.

The main elements in pulse voltage circuits are the electronic switches, which are realized with modern semiconductor elements - MOS transistors (induced channel NMOS or PMOS transistors), IGBT transistors and others. The key in the circuits is commanded by a control system which, by changing the ratio between the open and closed key times, provides stability of the output voltage.

In the present work a mathematical deion of the processes in the impulse circuits is made by analyzing the relation between them. For this purpose, the scheme is conventionally considered as being composed of two parts (sub-schemes). One contains the load and the other contains the key element. This study allows to analyze the reflection of the electromagnetic processes occurring in the second sub-scheme on the processes in the first and vice versa. Analytical dependencies are obtained in the work, which can evaluate the processes in the impulse circuits. The resulting analytical dependencies are applied to a circuit diagram of a boost (”Bus”) DC voltage converter. The results obtained in the Mathcad environment were compared with those obtained from the simulation of the Orcad PSpice scheme. Coincidence of graphical dependencies was established.

преобразуватели на постоянно напрежение; математичен модел; Буст преобразувател.DC voltage converters; mathematical model; Boost Converter.Petar Ivanov


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