Scientific paper ID 1833 : 2019/3

Martin Zlatkov, Rosen Stamenov, Marian Mutafchiev

The actuality of the subject is determined by the fact that a new structure is unified with existing parts - cylinder, cylinder head, flywheel, piston group. This allows the rapid creation of a new engine construction with different performance at a significantly lower cost of development of the sample.

The report shows a way to unite two cylinders of a single-cylinder two-stroke engine into a two-cylinder boxer. The boxer motor is in a more favorable vibration state due to the opposite movement of the pistons. Described are the main features and techniques that need to be met in order to achieve successful conversion. Advantages and disadvantages related to the operation of the construction thus obtained are described. The way the electrical part of the ignition system is performed is shown. Measures are proposed to improve engine performance and combustion process. The ultimate goal of the development is to try to double the technical parameters of the single-cylinder engine. The conversion is significantly cheaper than the factory ones and is intended for embedding in an active sports model. There is a drawing of the modified crankcase that makes it possible to join the two cylinder blocks and implement the boxer conversion. Photo Material shows a step-by-step conversion of the conversion. Kinematic flow patterns are given during the operation of the two-cylinder boxer engine. Described are the advantages and disadvantages of using practical, innovative solutions.

Двутактов двуцилиндров едноцилиндров двигател тип боксер вътрешно горене запалване искра свещ компресия гориво ДВГ.Conversion two-stroke two-cylinder single cylinder boxer engine internal combustion ignition spark boxer type compressiMartin Zlatkov Rosen Stamenov Marian Mutafchiev


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