Scientific paper ID 1825 : 2019/3

Nebojša Zdravković, Mile Savković, Goran Marković,Dragan Pršić, Goran Pavlović

Column-mounted jib crane is one of the most frequently utilized crane types within the production facilities. Hence, there are a wide variety of designs, according to many different ments about lifting height, span, payload capacity, drive options, etc. One of the most considered design criteria is the deflection, where the crane structure is subjected to the full payload capacity at the maximum span. The paper presents the numerical solution for the deflection, obtained by the finite difference method (FDM) and MATLAB code, and its comparison with the analytical models proposed by several authors and the finite element analyses (FEA). The comparison between presented numerical solution and other approaches is made for the deflection of the jib tip. Obtained results are very close to some analytical models and especially to the FEA results. The advantages and shortcomings of the presented approach are given in the conclusion.

монтажта колона стрелови кран отклонение (завъртане) метод на крайните разликиcolumn-mounted jib crane deflection finite difference method.Nebojša Zdravković Mile Savković Goran MarkovićDragan Pršić Goran Pavlović


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