Scientific paper ID 1773 : 2019/2

Hana Rizq Allah Qananah, Khalefa Altahir Alnagasa, Mohamed Najib Hamza, Mohamed Salem Almabrouk

Modern business trends the implementation and development of information architecture in the business world as the latest achievement in terms of achieving productivity limits. This is an important way for efficient support in the operations of all companies. The goal is to create the basis for a good strategy, research and development of deteriorating information material. This would give an answer to the question: How to achieve efficiency within a complex organization?

The goal is to achieve mutual cooperation of all IT companies, i.e. ”That everyone agrees and everyone is sitting on the same side of the table.” This change in business and IT culture is becoming a practice that s time for adoption and customization. The final outcomes should be reflected in the organization by eliminating unnecessary repetition of work.The key factor for the modern operation of companies focused on economic efficiency is the information architecture that structures important determinants as follows.

Building a computer network in this area is an imperative of the ’’21st century’’. Computer Internet technology is used to design and set up networks in the company or client, such as LAN, WAN, intranet, and extranet technologies. Network specifications are defined which computer Internet technology needs to be installed in order to use it to implement the plans. The goal is solve problems with network security and network management. For competitive advantage, companies need an architecture consisting of modern business communications, which involves the efficient use of Internet information technologies. Success needs to be constantly implemented with new insights that bring about successful business. The goal is to adapt to all the changes that are being made in the field of IT technologies in order to successfully incorporate new programs. Continuous monitoring of new knowledge in the world enables gradual mastery of certain levels of useful performance for effective communications for the own business of companies, as well as for their assessment of useful performance of the Internet network and the entire IT system. The goal is to identify changes in the external and internal environment that affect those systems.

The focus is on computer networks and system administration. That said, it is desirable that more and more companies in the world engage more and more employees in computer hardware and adequate modern equipment. The world is dominated by the success of computer engineering and electrical engineering. Consequently, the most effective communications programs in the Internet, these programs world-class programs related to computer programming, networking or system design. Practice in the world says that network technology is constantly changing, which means that busy administrators - developers and the like. they must constantly participate in the development of IT technologies to keep up with the latest developments.

информационна архитектура икономикс съвременен бизнес мрежова сигурност мрежово управление.information architecture economics modern business network security network managementHana Rizq Allah Qananah Khalefa Altahir Alnagasa Mohamed Najib Hamza Mohamed Salem Almabrouk


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