Scientific paper ID 1770 : 2019/4

Anton Iliev

Cheracteristic of the cinema is that they are defined as meeting places for young people, and in the modern world they are more like a place for families and there is a playground and restaurant for each cinema.

The publication considers the preparation of a business project to create conditions for outdoor cinema screenings. The aim is to allow users to watch a movie from their cars.

Creating good conditions for outdoor projection will attract stakeholders and provide a return on investment. For this reason, the specific purpose of the project is to build value-added in terms of creating a customer experience, which will generate revenue opportunities and the project can achieve the expected success.

The publication also presents a risk analysis, taking into account three types of risk in investment and business design - technical risk (related to engineering, safety and other related technology issues), economic risk (not to fit into the predefined design total cost) and organizational risk (project team).

The implementation of such a project s life cycle planning, an appropriate source of funding and a team.

автокино бизнес проект създаване на условия за прожекцияDrive-in cinema business project creating conditions for screeningAnton Iliev


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