Scientific paper ID 1762 : 2019/2

Khalefa Altahir Alnagasa, Mohamed Najib Hamza, Mohamed Salem Almabrouk, Hana Rizq Allah Qananah

Abstrac: The goal of the business of industrial enterprises, organized for the new business, business as ecological enterprises, etc. is to achieve results that can meet the needs of the population. The company is the basic economic entity, and economic activity is carried out to meet the needs of people. The main goal of the company`s business is to create products that can meet social needs. Therefore, the product is considered to be the result of the business of the company. Defective products of the company are put on the market, where they are exchanged for money. On the market there are customers for whom these products have usable value.

The status of the product is in the function of selling on the market, which is confirmed through their use value, to meet certain types of customer needs. If the amount of money the company receives for its products is sufficient to cover the investment of the elements of production and the remaining part for settling obligations towards the community and for the development of the enterprise, the business goal has been achieved. As a second form of business results, the value of production is confirmed on the market. From the sum of money collected, the enterprise must cover the value of the invested elements of production, and the remaining amount of the collected value of production is the gain, i.e. profit that appears as a special form of business results of a company. The economic efficiency of the company is an organized process that implements the necessary activities of development of key factors of modern business and quality system of this business. Modern business s quality to be planned, developed and implemented, to make reports on the course of the business development process.

Today in the world, businesses are operating in an environment of fierce competition on the market. Achieving a high quality product, or brand, is the basis from which it moves so that it can survive and win in such a complex market game. The basis for this is the inclusion of all factors that implement the activities of developing quality business and compliance with the ments of quality standards on the international scene.Business results of the company they show as business results are expressed as:

1. Physical product (expressed in natural units of measurement - physical volume of production)

2. Cumulative income or value of output (expressed in cash)

3. Improve profit and

4. They are all mutually conditioned and connected.

Attention is directed at today`s often uncertain sales through a special conversion rate. The best test for the conversion rate is marketing testing or conducting a before-sale process. Basically this test is carried out in the organizational marketing sales function. It should be done for a product or service in a limited area, and in limited time. Often, in marketing marketing efforts, attention is paid to looking for buyers, in exchange for information, which helps to scan real customers. Pre-sale involves familiarizing potential customers with the product and downloading orders for later delivery.

икономически резултати организация икономика управление екологичен успехBusiness results organization economy management ecological succes Khalefa Altahir Alnagasa Mohamed Najib Hamza Mohamed Salem Almabrouk Hana Rizq Allah Qananah


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