Scientific paper ID 1744 : 2019/1

Ivan Antonov, Svetlin Antonov, Rositsa Velichkova, Ivan Denev

In investigation of number of turbulent flows with axial symmetry, it is imperative to use equations for movement, heat transfer and impurities and for continuity in cylindrical coordinates. In presented work is made an analysis of the current equations for motion in cylindrical coordinates by Reynolds type, mentioning a number of developments in Bulgaria. The solution for flow with axial symmetry in cylindrical coordinates is, however, more appropriate using the Navies-Stokes equations using the so called ”effective viscosity”.

турбулентен поток двуфазен поток цилиндрични координатиturbulent flow two-phase flow cylindrical coordinatesIvan Antonov Svetlin Antonov Rositsa Velichkova Ivan Denev


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