Scientific paper ID 1731 : 2018/3

Emiliya Dimitrova, Bozhidar Rozev

The main purpose of a newly built telecommunication system is to meet the increased ments of rail transport to service trains in accordance with ERTMS / ETCS. Optical cables can meet these ments and offer a number of advantages over copper coaxial cables: they provide the ability to transfer large data packets with significantly lower losses over unmatched long distances, their price is significantly lower and at the same time they are lighter, they are actually free from external disturbances, the reliability and security of the optical line are increased, the risk during operation is reduced, which means that the cost of laying and future problems on the line decrease significantly. The report presents rules for the design of optical networks. Particular features for the construction and laying of underground optical cable lines in non-grid sections, as well as for the construction of aerial optical cable lines are shown. The ments for entering the route to the stations in a telecommunication unit through server premises are considered, the stages of commissioning of the line and the necessary measurements and reflexes are presented. These features are an integral part of the ments for the realization and construction of the optical line.

оптични мрежи железопътен транспорт проектиране изгражданеOptical Networks Rail Transport Design ConstructionEmiliya Dimitrova Bozhidar Rozev


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