Scientific paper ID 1530 : 2017/3

Nebojsa Raicevic, Slavoljub Aleksic, Mirjana Peric

In this paper a parallel plate capacitor with multilayered dielectric is analysed. Influence of the boundary surface position as well as relative permittivities on the characteristic parameters values are considered and showed as numerical results, presented graphically and in table. The hybrid boundary element method is applied for this quasi-static TEM analysis. The validity of obtained results is confirmed using the FEMM software and well known expression for the capacitance of parallel plate capacitor.

капацитет пълно съпротивление метод на крайните елементи метод на хибридния граничен елемент многопластов диелектрик капацитет на паралелна пластина.Capacitance Characteristic impedance Finite element method Hybrid boundary element method MultilNebojsa Raicevic Slavoljub Aleksic Mirjana Peric


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