Scientific paper ID 1495 : 2017/3

Svetoslav Nikolov, Daniela Zaharieva

in this paper we apply hamiltonian formalism to the analysis of dynamical behavior of swing oscillatory motion. In the swing system, the swinger is modeled (idealized) as a rigid dumbbell with three point masses, three lengths, an angular position with vertical and an angular position relative to the ropes. Under these assumptions, for asymmetrical (all masses and lengths are different) and symmetrical (two masses and two lengths are equal) cases the hamiltonian is obtained. For the symmetrical case, we detect the existence of a homoclinic orbit and present the equation for it.

динамика люлеещо се осцилиращо движение Хамилтонов формализъм хомоклинична орбитаdynamics swing oscillatory motion Hamiltonian formalism homoclinic orbitSvetoslav Nikolov Daniela Zaharieva


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