Scientific paper ID 1484 : 2017/3

Anastas Ivanov Ivanov, Penko Tsvetkov Petkov

The forced three dimensional vibrations of a machine unit "electric motorcompressor", mounted on the wagons of electric trains from the traction of "BDZ" EAD in this work is studied. The purpose of the work is to determine the parameters of the vibrating insulation of the unit that is suspended on three vertical supports to the frame of a railway wagon. A vibrating isolation assembly is constructed at the top end of each carrier. The unit is accepted as an ideal rigid body. The bearers, together with the vibrating insulating units, are considered to be perfectly elastic and immaculate. The first stage of this study was carried out, and it included the task of determining its eigen frequencies and its eigen forms of vibrations. The second stage involved identifying the damping in the vibrating isolation nodes consisting of sequentially and in parallel operating rubber shock absorbers and metal bonding elements. It was done in laboratory conditions where hysteresis curves, dependence of "force-deformation" of exploited and new damping elements were obtained. The third stage is the determination of the forced vibrations of the unit in order to obtain the laws of motion, velocities and accelerations. The fourth current step of this comprehensive study involves analyzing and selecting appropriate vibrating insulating elements using amplitude-frequency characteristics (AFH). For this purpose a special program was developed in the area of MatLab. Through the results obtained at the designated AFH, conclusions are drawn regarding the improvement of the vibrating isolation of the machine unit.

принудени пространствени трептения машинен агрегат хистерезис демпфериране виброизолиране числено решение MatLab forced spatial oscillations machine aggregate hysteresis damping vibroisolation numerical solutionAnastas Ivanov Ivanov Penko Tsvetkov Petkov


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