Scientific paper ID 1381 : 2016/3

Gulek Nedjib, Vasil Dimitrov

The reactive power proportion is one of the main factors that determines the economy and the inexpensiveness in the transmission and distribution of electricity. It is necessary the transmitted reactive power to be minimal to optimize the operating mode, i.e. the power factor cos φ should have a value close to 1. This s installation of compensating devices –compensators of inductive or capacitive energy. Unlike the compensation of inductive energy (mostly through capacitors) capacitive energy compensation is much more expensive and complicated.Three-phase chokes or shunt reactors at low voltage with dry insulationare the most commonly usedfor this purpose.

In this paper the need of reactors for capacitive energy compensation is discussed. The choice of a shunt reactor according to certain technical ments, as well as its installation and testsarealso given.

Компенсация на реактивна енергияшунтов реакторPower Factor Correction Shunt ReactorGulek Nedjib Vasil Dimitrov


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