Scientific paper ID 1371 : 2016/3

Rayna Alashka, Drago Michalev

Four parametric probabilistic models applied in education are presented. They use basic parameters of the job. A new five-parameter model is proposed. It involves a new parameter - ”competence”. Two types of competence are discussed: good competence and poor competence.

Параметрични вероятности модели модел на Раш модел на Бирнбаум Вероятностно моделиране Образование.Parametric probabilistic models Rasch-model Birnbaum-model Item Response Theory Education.Rayna Alashka Drago Michalev


[1] Barton M.A., Lord F.M.. An upperasymptote for the three-parameter logistic item-response model. Princeton,N.J.: Educational Testing Service, 1981.

[2] Birnbaum A., Some Latent Trait Models and Their Use in Inferring an Examinee’s Ability. In F.M. Lord and M.R. Novick. Statistical Theories of Mental Test Scores. Readinf Mass.: Addison-Wesley, 1968. Ch. 17-20. –p 397-479.

[3] Rasch G. Probabilistic Models for Some Intelligence and Attainment Tests. Copenhagen, 1960, Danisch Institute of Educational Research. (Expanded edition, Chicago, 1980, The University of Chicago Press).




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