Scientific paper ID 1305 : 2016/4

David Stoilovski, Ivan Beshovishki, Peter Branzalov, Nikolai Tonchev

Solving inventive tasks and finding new more correct decisions is current task, which covers all areas of activity in modern life. The new, correct solutions can be used both in the methodology of educational training and in our daily scientific and technical practice. This work is considered the manifestation of the theory of solving inventive tasks (TRIZ) of Altshuller, particularly in the field of transport equipment. Made work examination shows that the proper development of transport equipment can be secured only when this development is in line with the correct logical system when properly implemented logical principles. Discusses some of the latest technological solutions in the field of transport equipment and manifestation in them the principles of logical system Altshuller.

транспортна техника принципи на Алтшулерtransport technics principles of AltshullerDavid Stoilovski Ivan Beshovishki Peter Branzalov Nikolai Tonchev


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( [5] Багери с хибридно задвижване – част 1, Строителна техника, бр.1, 2014 ( menu//post/11382/Bag%D0%B5ri-s-hibridno-zadvizhvan%D0%B5-chast-1) )

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