Scientific paper ID 1223 : 2015/3

Damjan Čekerevac, Snežana Marinković

Problem of punching represents the biggest obstacle to use of flat concrete slabs. Traditional types of shear reinforcement like stirrups or the use of drop panels have been the solution, but they have their deficiencies. Stirrups are difficult to install and cannot be fully effective because of the way they need to be placed around the bending reinforcement. Hence, it is almost impossible for them to achieve d yield strength. The use of column capitols and drop panels complicates placement of installations and therefore additionally increases the height of the structures.

This article analyses the shear reinforcement which is becoming very popular thanks to its ease of use and the ability to successfully deal with mentioned problems. After some thirty years of research, double-headed studs have become standard type of shear reinforcement for concrete slabs. Because of the different approaches to the problem of punching in the slab, for this work three different standards are chosen for comparative analysis: ACI 318-11, ETA -13/0151 and SIA 262 (2013).

Here are provided some standards’ provisions and some calculation explanations. Numerical examples are done according to each of the presented codes for the case of corner column and the results are presented comparatively.

Authors’ desire is that this comparative analysis provides basis for future application in our surrounding, because the available literature on double-headed studs is sparse.

устойчивост към напречни ударни сили двуглави шипове колона връзка сравнителен анализpunchingshearresistance doubleheadedstuds column slab connection comparativeanalysisDamjan Čekerevac Snežana Marinković


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