Scientific paper ID 2485 : 2024/4

Velichko Machev

This communication provides a detailed review of the existing conventional destructive methods for examining the results of the chemical heat treatment process by ion nitriding, through structural analysis, metallographic analysis, hardness and wear resistance analysis, contributing to the realization of the main objective of assisting the selection of optimal processing modes, so that pre-programmed physical characteristics of heat-resistant tool steels are reached after chemical-thermal treatment, guaranteeing operational qualities, sustainability of technological processes and environmental responsibility, combined with maximum economic efficiency. The detailed study of the widely applied destructive practices should provide valuable information on characteristics controllable by less invasive techniques, which can lead to more efficient, rapid and accurate determination of the achieved results of chemical-thermal processing technological processes through ion nitriding and its related processes.

Химико-термична обработка йонно азотиране топлоустойчиви инструментални стомани стандартизирани разрушителни методи на контрол структурен анализ програмиране на физични характеристики.Chemical heat treatment ion nitriding heat resistant tool steelVelichko Machev


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