Scientific paper ID 2449 : 2024/1

Irena Petrova

The article examines the possibilities of using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in the design and management of production processes in freight rail transport. Special attention is paid to the optimization processes for cargo transportation and the organization of the work of rolling stock and employees. The ERP system provides strategic planning, resource allocation, performance verification and control, accounting.

The ERP system provides automation of the transport order planning process. Ensures the selection of the most suitable means of transport, routes and schedules, depending on factors such as weight, volume, type, term and destination of the cargo, availability and location of means of transport, transport rates, transport restrictions, etc. This can reduce transportation costs, improve vehicle utilization, and shorten cargo delivery times.

An ERP system can help monitor and control transportation processes by providing real-time information on the location, status, and movement of vehicles and cargo. This can improve the transparency and accountability of transport operations, reduce the risk of cargo loss, damage or theft, facilitate communication and coordination between different stakeholders, such as customers, suppliers, carriers, etc.

ERP системи производствени системи и процеси товарни превози с железопътен транспорт ERP systems manufacturing systems and processes freight transport by railIrena Petrova


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