Scientific paper ID 2373 : 2023/3

Dimitar Dimitrov, Irena Petrova

Modern transport projects are complex, multi-stage and long-term, associated with significant calculations, changing schedules, matching resources, analyzing different scenarios for their impact on the development of transport infrastructure. They are realized in a dynamic external environment with a great influence of rapidly changing political, social and natural factors. This makes it necessary to apply flexibility in planning and defining the various development options, and also to look for new project management approaches to ensure the necessary dynamics. By applying artificial intelligence, it can improve flexibility in planning and implementing transport projects.

This article examines the possibility of using artificial intelligence in transport project management.

изкуствен интелект; управление на проекти; транспорт; инфраструктура; гъвкава методологияartificial intelligence; project management; transportation; infrastructure; flexible methodologyDimitar Dimitrov Irena Petrova


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