Scientific paper ID 2362 : 2023/2

Dilyana Mitseva, Irena Bozhichkova, Petko Kostadinov, Martin Zlatkov

The solar cell is the basic building block of solar panels. The report examines the different manufacturing technologies for solar cells. A comparison of the efficiency of the cells produced by different technologies was made. The technology with the lowest initial investment costs is indicated. The structures (construction) of solar cells produced by different technologies are shown schematically. The various abbreviations indicating the relevant production technology have been studied and translated. They are grouped so that they can be compared. The metric sizes of the various sizes of solar cells are listed, indicating which ones have been discontinued.

Фотоволтаичен панел соларен панел соларна клетка соларна централа соларен инвертор мрежов инвертор монокристална mc4 поликристална.Photovoltaic panel solar panel solar cell solar plant renewable energy source solar inverter grid inverter hDilyana Mitseva Irena Bozhichkova Petko Kostadinov Martin Zlatkov











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