Scientific paper ID 2356 : 2023/4

Velichko Machev, Viktor Georgiev, Nikolay Tonchev, Iliya Zyumbilev

In this communication, the influence of the technological parameters on the surface properties of ВН11 steel depending on the conditions of ionic nitriding is examined. The complexity of the problem regarding the identification of the cited technological process lies in the fact that there are more than two technological parameters, and the examined criteria have a different relationship to them. After establishing the relationship between technological parameters and examined criteria through the definition of the models, it is possible to apply a process of identification of surface properties depending on the processing mode. For this process, the DEFMOT system was used to support technological decision-making. With the help of this system, images were built, and analysis was made for the microhardness, the relative wear resistance, the thickness of the nitrided zone and the phase composition of ВН11 steel depending on the conditions of ion nitriding.

ion nitriding heat resistant tool steels modeling property identification optimization DEFMOT.ion nitriding heat resistant tool steels modeling property identification optimization DEFMOT.Velichko Machev Viktor Georgiev Nikolay Tonchev Iliya Zyumbilev


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