Scientific paper ID 2352 : 2023/4

Dilyana Mitseva, Irena Bozhichkova, Martina Tomcheva, Ivan Beshovishki

The solar panel is the main building block in solar systems. The report examines the various solar panel designs. A comparison of the efficiencies and a significant number of parameters for different solar panels has been made. The drawings and dimensions of the solar panels are given. The cell connection schemes for the various designs and assemblies are shown. These are the ways in which the increase in power was achieved with the new solar panels.

Фотоволтаичен панел соларен панел соларна клетка соларна централа соларен инвертор мрежов инвертор монокристална mc4 полуклетка.Photovoltaic panel solar panel solar cell solar plant solar inverter grid inverter monocrystalline mc4 half ceDilyana Mitseva Irena Bozhichkova Martina Tomcheva Ivan Beshovishki




[3] Elektronika i gradivni elementi 2022g. Irena Bozhichkova, Martin Zlatkov – izd. Belloprint
( [3] Електроника и градивни елементи 2022г. Ирена Божичкова, Мартин Златков – изд. Беллопринт )















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