Scientific paper ID 2345 : 2023/4

Ivaylo Miltchev, Petya Stoyanova

The paper examines a company with the production of gray cast iron and ductile cast iron products by the centrifugal casting method, the main products produced by this method are cylinder liners and valve seats for all types of internal combustion engines. The main raw material used by the company is scrap gray iron. For the procurement of the main raw material, we rely on a network of scrap yards located throughout Northwestern Bulgaria, from where only a specific type of gray iron that meets the quality criteria is purchased. The purpose of the report is to carry out an analysis of the existing order management system necessary for the production of brake disc and brake pad for the needs of ”Stolichen Elektrotransport”. The main task of the report is to choose an optimal model for effective forecasting of supplies of raw materials and auxiliary materials for the production of products and to implement a schedule of planned supplies of production raw materials for the needs of the company, taking into account the rhythm and peculiarities of supplies. When choosing a method of organizing the management of material flows, it is necessary to clarify what the nature of the demand is. In this case, a forecast is made and planning of resource ments is carried out. However, if the production is intended for a small number of corporate customers and/or is intended for further processing, then MRP (”Material ments Planning”) can be applied.

логистичен мениджмънт прогнозиране на търсенето ресурсно планиране производство управление на доставкитеlogistics management demand forecasting resource planning production supply managementIvaylo Miltchev Petya Stoyanova


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