Scientific paper ID 2342 : 2023/1

Alexander Iliev, Dimitar Stefanov

Bridges are important logistical facilities that have a direct impact on the normal functioning and operation of a country. This is precisely what makes them important, and accordingly any possible loss or damage in seismic events would be significant. This paper investigates the soil-structure interaction on the seismic response of a bridge structure. The analyses are done using the most popular method in the last 30-40 years - the Finite Element Method. For this purpose, a three-dimensional numerical model was developed, in which two variants of support conditions were considered. In one, the columns are fixed at the foundation level, and in the second, the influence on the soil is taken into account, and for this purpose, the foundations of the bridge (with shell elements) are modeled, which are supported by elastic springs with the corresponding Winkler”s coefficient. From the obtained results, it was concluded that the consideration of the soil-structure interaction would lead to a more economical technical solution, due to the reduction of internal forces in the structure.

стоманобетонен мост земна среда- конструкция (SSI) линейни динамични анализиreinforced concrete bridge soil-structure interaction (SSI) dynamic (time-history) analysisAlexander Iliev Dimitar Stefanov


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