Scientific paper ID 2335 : 2023/1

Prof. Zoran Čekerevac, Assoc. Prof. Milanka Bogavac

Due to the constant growth of large cities and the rapid development of digital technologies, in recent years, many authors have discussed the concepts of Smart City, Logistics 4.0, digital supply chain management, blockchain, and the like, but what is meant by this has not yet been standardized. It is necessary to define which technologies fall under these general terms, how their development will proceed, and which management technics should emphasize their development. These are the main issues that need to be defined. Cyber-physical systems, networking, digitalization, internet communications, and cloud computing are in use to support the functioning of ”Smart logistics.” Via the Internet, cyber-physical systems communicate and collaborate in real-time, offer services and products, and provide the expected data and information for supply chain participants. Blockchain technology can support that sharing. Digital technologies of the Internet of Things and the subcategory Industrial Internet of Things, together with the Internet of Service, Big data and Data mining, and cyber-physical systems, are key elements of the logistics 4.0 concept and represent the common language of the future. This article pays special attention to the so-called ”Last-mile delivery” because it is the last link in the supply chain, and, usually, in total costs, it accounts for more than 50% of the shipping costs. We expect the complete digitalization of logistics processes and the application of digital technologies soon.

supply chain Smart City logistics 4.0 blockchain last-mile deliverysupply chain Smart City logistics 4.0 blockchain last-mile deliveryProf. Zoran Čekerevac Assoc. Prof. Milanka Bogavac


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