Scientific paper ID 2296 : 2022/3

Radoslav Dimitrov, Teodor Berov

This article presents the possibilities of applying multi-agent simulation for supply chain optimization. Agent-based modeling and simulation (ABMS) is an approach that consists of autonomous, interacting agents. A supply chain is a complex logistics system in which raw materials are processed into finished products and distributed to end users or businesses. Attention is paid to the distinctive features of multi-agent systems, their main components and the tools for their development. A structure and flowchart of a typical agent-based model are presented. The supply chain is analyzed in terms of modeling and simulation capabilities through the ABMS toolkit - main elements involved in the distribution process and their representation as agents. Modeling seeks to maximize profit in the distribution process. The demonstrated agent-based method aims to look at how the logistics system is structured and help to decide on the spatial planning or strategies that are adopted. This approach allows the model to adapt to different logistics systems and be applied to optimize or build supply chains.

многоагентни симулационни модели агенти логистична система симулацияmulti-agent simulation modeling agents logistics system simulationRadoslav Dimitrov Teodor Berov


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