Scientific paper ID 2272 : 2022/3

Martina Tomcheva, Ivan Petrov

In the last few months, the price of electricity has increased many times, accordingly, the expenses of the company ”Balkankeramik” AD have increased many times. This is a current issue that is addressed in this report, with attention paid to losses in the transformer at the existing load.

The report examines the types of transformers according to purpose, according to cooling, according to type of quantity transfer, according to device, according to galvanic separation and according to translation ratio. The ways of determining losses in transformers are considered. The regulation is described, which offers, according to the year of manufacture, the no-load and short-circuit losses.

In „Balkankeramik“ JSC, a power step-down transformer with a power of 630 kVA, with oil cooling, is used. In addition to the measurements made, current transformers 800/5 were installed to account for transformer losses.

Load diagrams have been made - daily and monthly of electricity consumption of the transformer and of the energy consumers of „Balkankeramik“ JSC. Losses in the transformer on working days and on holidays are determined. The active, reactive and capacitive power of the transformer was measured. Losses in 20 kV medium voltage cables are calculated.

The purpose of the report is to determine the losses in the transformer and medium voltage cables when determining the price of energy consumers, an analysis has been made and recommendations have been made to reduce the losses.

загуби в трансформатора трансформаториransformer losses transformersMartina Tomcheva Ivan Petrov


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