Scientific paper ID 2263 : 2022/3

Ilko Tarpov

This report will address the most important issues related to structured understanding and explanation of the transport process in a newly established municipally owned corporation for the implementation of public transport, with the idea of how to meet the needs of residents of transport services and in particular offering this service with autonomous electric means of transport.

The key idea of the presented work is to show how the transport activity of the newly established corporation is related to the urban environment, topography and existing infrastructure of the city such as streets, bus stops, railway junctions and opportunities to provide electrical power.

Sustainable development prospects need to be planned taking into account external and internal factors. A well-written business development concept will help avoid mistakes and achieve a leading position in the city`s transport market. This s an analysis of the external environment as well as the specific features of the electrified autonomous public transport.

To achieve successful development, it is necessary to apply scientific approaches and methods to realize a new type of enterprise management and implementation of energy efficient technical solutions.

The importance of the human factor in the operation and maintenance of autonomous electric vehicles and charging systems battery systems are taken into consideration. General conclusions and implications are presented.

Градски транспорт електробуси зарядни станции електроснабдяване график обучение концепцияElectricity supply trolleybus transport reliability electrical insulating materials aging durability of insulation strength.Ilko Tarpov


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