Scientific paper ID 2235 : 2022/3

Emil M. Mihaylov, Metodi Atanasov, Zornitsa Evlogieva

This paper examines the operation of tram wheels with a wheel profile RPSf-2018 on narrow gauge tracks built with S49 and Ri60N rails. This profile was introduced in 2018. It is characterized by two rounding’s on the rolling surface, separated by a section parallel to the horizontal axis. I.e. there is a part of the rolling surface that is cylindrical. The introduced profile replaces the previously used T81 with a fully conical rolling surface with a slope of 1:20. There is also a family of profiles to be used when reprofiling the bandages. The reason for the research is information about uneven wear, formation of unwanted and harmful changes in the rims. The position of the axle and track alignment and the positions of two-point contact with one rail of the nominal profile and the family of track profiles with new rails and rails with normal wear are considered. It was found that the rolling of the wheels takes place on the curve with R300, in its part near the horizontal section. In case of two-point contact of one wheel, its rolling takes place in a circle very close to the cylindrical part of the tire. Then the other wheel rolls on the roundabout with R300 in a circle away from the cylindrical section, i.e. on a rolling circle with a smaller diameter. This does not allow for offset compensation.

Трамвайна мотриса бандажен профил релси коловозTrams wheel profile rails track.Emil M. Mihaylov Metodi Atanasov Zornitsa Evlogieva


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