Scientific paper ID 2217 : 2022/2

Dimitar Hubchev

Confinement of concrete results in a modification of the effective stress-strain relationship: higher strength and higher critical strains are achieved.

The ability to develop larger longitudinal deformations in reinforced concrete elements of confined concrete reduces the danger of their brittle failure.

Confinement can be generated by adequately closed links or cross-ties, which reach the plastic condition due to lateral extension of the concrete.

Confined concrete is applied to increase the load-bearing capacity of reinforced concrete elements working in compression or of the compression zone in elements working in bending.

ограничен бетон ефективна зависимост напрежения-деформации на бетона напречно разширяване на бетона.confined concrete effective stress-strain relationship of concrete lateral extension of the concrete.Dimitar Hubchev


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