Scientific paper ID 2206 : 2022/4

Anton Stanev

Sustainable development of the aviation industry is ensured only with established logistics chains for the supply of the necessary aviation parts in different parts of the world. The maintenance of the airworthiness of the aircraft in civil aviation is carried out through the established repair bases, in which the respective aviation parts and units are regularly or in case of technical malfunction. Without the prior organization of logistics chains, it is impossible to set up an emergency delivery organization. These occur in the event of sudden damage to aircraft units received in the air or in a technical inspection of the aircraft before flight. In this case, the available part in the warehouse of the repair organization should be placed on the damaged aircraft, and its availability should be restored as soon as possible.

There are no urgent circumstances when planning the deliveries according to the expected consumption of the available spare parts, but they also good organization for their timely recovery. The role of the established logistics chains is to provide the shortest time for delivery of spare aviation parts between the pre-built repair bases.

The report examines the organizational aspects in the construction of logistics chains for the supply of aircraft parts in the repair bases.

джойнт венчър авиационна индустрия логистична верига ремонтиращи базиjoint venture aviation industry logistics chain repair basesAnton Stanev


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