Scientific paper ID 2202 : 2022/4

Nikolay Georgiev, Tsvetoslava Peneva

The management of vehicles is carried out in a very complicated connection, between four elements: driver, road, car and environment. Several factors can lead to dangerous traffic situations: human errors, deficiencies in the design, manufacturing and maintenance process of the technical means as well as the atmospheric influences – all these side effects are called influencing factors. They can be summarized in three main groups: technical, subjective and environmental. The technical factors : the constructive and technological perfection of the technical means, the reliability of the various facilities and devices. Subjective factors are determined by the driver”s violations, mistakes and actions. The impact of the environment is determined by the impact of the other (direct or indirect) participants in traffic as well as the atmospheric influences. The majority of traffic accidents are caused by the driver”s behavior and are determined by his psycho-physiological qualities and professional training. The statistical distribution of road the accidents shows that over 90% of the accidents are due to human behavior. Accident-free driving is a complex process consisting of the interaction of the main elements of the transport process, which are inextricably linked. The driver is the person who received and processes the information from the other three elements and controls the managed object - the vehicle, and the purpose of this impact is its trouble-free movement. This process is extremely dynamic and so far the only universal regulator in the process is the human brain. Therefore, the driver has to be able to meet the high ments related to his psycho-physiological and professional qualities.

пътна безопасност; субективен фактор; пътнотранспортно произшествиеroad safety; subjective factor; road accidentNikolay Georgiev Tsvetoslava Peneva


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