Scientific paper ID 2185 : 2022/1

Sevastiyan Stavriev

In the study are analyzed factors influencing the sustainable development of transport in the EU Member States, as well as the implementation of passenger transport from them. Graphic presentation features of the preferred transport for all countries and some of the candidate countries for preference. Options for improving the quality of transport for different modes of transport are considered. Factors ensuring comfort and accessibility in the transport of passengers over different distances depending on their advantages have been taken into account.

It’s a well known fact that in the European Union, road transport remains the most widely used and most modern. This has an impact on environmental pollution, so the Membet States are working on the development and implementation of modes of transport other than road transport. Better conditions for movement, easier accessibility and mobility between different modes of transport are provided. Better quality transport services, consisting of greater comfort and convenience in transport and reduced travel time, would motivate passengers to use non-road transport.

транспортни превози видове транспорт устойчиво развитие на транспортаtransportation modes of transport sustainable transport developmentSevastiyan Stavriev


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