Scientific paper ID 2183 : 2022/1

Petko Truhchev

This paper looks into and analyses some decommissioning options for thermal power stations (TPS) in the Maritza Iztok Industrial Complex within the EU Green Deal context and the commitments of Bulgaria. There are four baseline scenarios with outlined results from the implementation of each scenario. All the four baseline scenarios analyse the TPS operation with no coal as energy source. The first scenario looks into the carbon emissions quota price impact on generated electricity. The second one outlines natural gas as a primary energy source and the transformation of the stations into RES. The third scenario focuses on the cost of generated electricity where the energy source is exchanged for hydrogen while the fourth one raises the issue of alternative technologies implementation. Besides the price parameters of marketed production, all the four scenarios show the baseline changes in generation capacities arising from each variant. Questions are also posed on the effect of outside factors on the price of energy generated in the complex such as the carbon (СО2) emission quotas and exchange trading specifics. The parties interested are the public and private sector (the state-owned TPS Maritza Iztok 2 and privately-owned AES Maritza Iztok 1 and KG Maritza Iztok 3). Exchange trading specifics are reviewed as generated electricity exchange on the open market.

енергетика климатвъглеродни емисии въглероден данък ТЕЦ Марица-изток енергийни суровини борсова търговияenergy climate carbon emissions carbon tax TPS Maritsa East energy raw materials stock tradingPetko Truhchev


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