Scientific paper ID 2177 : 2021/2

Krasimir Krastanov, Ivan Ganchev

Gas fittings are among the main elements of gas supply systems. Used to turn on, off, change the amount, pressure and direction of gas flow. The Bulgarian market offers fittings to a number of European and world manufacturers and the variety of structures, materials used and sizes is large.

The main goal when choosing fittings is the achievement of reliable braking and quality management at an optimal price. In this regard, it is advisable to avoid resizing, as it leads to greater investment and operation of the device in mode outside the nominal values. In addition, higher operational reliability is not achieved, and it can even go beyond the impact limits.

Among the main types of safety-regulating fittings for gas supply systems are shut-off valves, gates, solenoid valves, safety valves and cut-offs.

The scientific report presents an opportunity to create and use a unified stand for the inspection and adjustment of safety valves and regulators for natural gas. The schematic diagram, appearance and operation of this stand are shown. The feasibility of this stand and the possibilities for increasing the safety and impartiality of the inspections carried out with its commissioning by all persons carrying out this type of activity were evaluated.

Индустриални газови инсталации Индустриални газови инсталации за природен газ технически надзор Наредба за устройството и безопасната експлоатация на газопроводи за пренос и разпределение и на оборудване инсталации и уреди за природен газIndustrial gKrasimir Krastanov Ivan Ganchev


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