Scientific paper ID 2168 : 2021/4

Ivan Ganchev

Natural gas is among the fuels widely used for industrial and domestic purposes. Its main values for comparison with other types of fuels can be indicated its complete combustion without burning smoke, ash and soot, the ability to be transported by pipelines over long distances, low cost, etc. n. It is known that the transportation of natural gas from gas fields to consumers is through pipelines. However, before it is delivered to consumers, the gas passes through gas distribution stations and gas control points, where it is purified, filtered and odorized.

Pressure regulators are among the main elements in gas supply systems. With their help, the pressure is reduced and it is automatically maintained at the outlet, regardless of the changes in the gas flow and the inlet pressure. The regulation is by changing the flow rate passing through the control valve.

The purpose of the pressure regulator is to prevent a pressure increase of 10% above the operating pressure. They are usually set taking into account the hydraulic characteristics of the regulator

The report presents a module for regulating the pressure of gas installations. An assessment of the possibilities and its advantages during operation has been made.

налягане газопроводи интегрирана система технически надзор патентpressure gas pipelines integrated system technical supervision patentIvan Ganchev


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